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Pioneering Niche Fragrance Since 2007

Bella creates her fragrant compositions for the Bella Bellissima perfume house by drawing inspiration from the marvels of the natural world.

Bella believes that exquisite raw materials are the secret to olfactory heaven and so ensures only the highest quality ingredients feature in her creations. Inspiration is drawn from the magnificent beauty of plantations across the globe and the essential oils and natural absolutes that they produce. Bella explores the unconscious sensations which blossom from these rare ingredients and her bold perfume compositions explore a sense of place, identity, colours, textures, ideas, memories, hopes and dreams. 

Each scent goes through several tens to several hundreds of revisions in her quest to express hidden emotions and captivate the soul. 

An endless creative journey through the perfumed landscape to invent the future of fragrance. 

In order to preserve and enhance their olfactory qualities, the transformation of flowers and raw materials is carried out with extreme care. Bella Bellissima embraces artisanal techniques in both the perfume production and the luxury packaging, using bespoke glass bottles and thoughtful, reusable keepsake boxes. As much of the production process as possible is based in Britain and every piece is filled and finished by hand. 

Bella Bellissima places great importance on the origins of its raw materials.

We pride ourselves on sourcing that assures sustainability to protect natural resources and traceability from planting to harvesting. We push for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and regularly evaluate the environmental, social and societal practices of our growers and cultivators. 

In essence, we support sustainable initiatives to protect natural habitats and local cultures to ensure a future we can all believe in.

Bella Bellissima is vegan and cruelty-free.

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