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Pioneering Niche Fragrance Since 2007

Bella Bellissima is a luxury London perfume house founded in 2007 by Bella Crane, with the desire to use creative alchemy to invent the future of fragrance.

Bella Bellissima presents exceptional masterpieces using rare, natural and intricately elaborate raw materials. Unique perfumes combining complexity and purity create a brand universe dedicated to innovation and exploring undiscovered olfactory concepts.

A new approach of drawing inspiration from hidden emotions and the marvels of the living world result in addictive, intense scents with incredible performance and projection. 

Bella Bellissima embraces artisanal production techniques, utilises the natural world’s most treasured ingredients, encapsulated in bespoke glass bottles with thoughtful, reusable packaging.

The brand has a loyal, global and Royal clientele. Each creation has amassed a dedicated following, with the brand often referred to as “one of the best kept secrets in the world of perfume”. 

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Born in London and introduced at a young age to a world of French couture fashion, cutting edge beauty, art and design by the entrepreneurial generations of her family, forging her own bohemian path seemed only natural. 

Bella graduated with a first class degree and worked as a BBC news journalist and presenter, however she was obsessed with the mysteries of perfumery and convinced there was a ‘tribe’ of people out there looking for a new direction in the world of scent.

She trained with two of the world’s leading perfume houses in Paris and Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery, slowly learning and perfecting her unique approach to designing and creating scent. Combining the know how of the great perfumers with a youthful, modern and sometimes shocking approach.

“My motivation has always been to ensure that each and every fragrance in the collection embodies truly innovative perfume making.” 

Bella also creates bespoke fragrances for high-profile individuals and luxury brands. 

Bella is often called upon as a media expert in her field. She uses her expertise and experience as an award-winning journalist and broadcaster to contribute to global publications, host corporate events and work as a professional voice over artist.

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